The Fringe at the Royal Scots Club

by Ben Jonson
He’'s dying to get rich.

Wealthy Volpone is eager to be even wealthier. With the aid of his servant Mosca, he convinces the rich citizens of Venice that he is dying - which prompts them to shower him with gifts in order to become his sole heir. Buoyed by success, the pair persuade merchant Corvino to offer his beautiful wife to bring Volpone back to health. Meanwhile three English tourists get involved in the tricksters’ schemes. Ben Jonson'’s classic satirical farce in a new adaptation by Martin Foreman.

by Claire Wood
Ty is an internationally renowned photographer whose next exhibition is just about to open. But he doesn’t have any work to show.

An undercover reporter discovers his subject - children - and a media feeding frenzy ensues.

Will Ty emerge blameless or is he just as guilty as the rest?